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Condenser Leak Testing



Helium leak detection for steam turbines and condensers can save Power Plants and Power Generation stations time and money by identifying factors that can undermine turbine efficiency. 

Leak Testing Condenser Vacuum Systems

Quickly locating and repairing condenser inefficiencies such as tube & tube sheet fouling, circulating water in-leakage and excess air in-leakage can generate huge savings.  A small leak that increases plant suction pressure by .1 inch Hg over design rating pressure can cost an additional .92 barrels of fuel each hour--or 22.08 barrels each day.  Over the course of a year, timely leak detection and leak repair would save $1,987 a day or $725,328 a year.

(Based on a study of a 350MW plant that determined an increase of .5 inch Hg of suction pressure used 4.6 barrels fuel/hr, and assuming a $90 barrel of fuel.)

Testing for Air Inleakage

HVS Leak Detection provides helium leak tests on steam turbines and condensers to locate air inleakage that results from small leaks in expansion joints, steam seals, gland seals, valve packing.

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