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Helium Leak Testing Power Plants

helium leak testing power plants

Loss of efficiency is the main reason power plants should leak test their condenser vacuum systems. We can help you identify and locate the source of problems quickly, so you can minimize unit downtime and increase unit profitability.

Helium Leak Testing Services for Power Plants:

  • Condenser air inleakage testing
  • Condenser water in-leakage testing
  • Tubesheet testing
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Steam Circuits Testing
  • Underground Pressured Power Cables
  • Turbine Components
  • Alternator Cooling Circuits


Tube Sheet Testing

Most condenser water sources contain dissolved solids that can precipitate and become deposited on the inner surfaces of the tubes and adversely affect the unit heat rate and limit generation capacity. Tube fouling can also prevent the turbine from generating its design load capacity. Tube sheet leak testing and the removal of accumulated deposits can recover a significant amount of lost output--up to 20MW in some cases.


Water In-leakage Testing

Water in-leakage can result from leaks in tube walls, leaks from joints between tubesheets and tubes ,and leaks between the water box and condenser shell. Contaminants in the condensate can cause corrosion in boilers, feedwater heaters & steam generators and lead to stress corrosion cracking of turbine components. Quick and efficient leak detection and repair saves revenue by reducing unit downtime.


Air In-leakage Testing

Condenser air-inleakage causes a loss of vacuum in the system and an increase in backpressure, affecting heat rate and reducing generation capacity. Helium Leak Testing can quickly locate these leaks for repair and generate significant cost savings. High air in-leakage can often increase the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the condensate which can also increase the corrosion of feedheaters, boilers and steam generators.



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