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Absorption Chillers

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HVS Leak Detection provides onsite helium leak testing of Absorption Chillers used in an array of industries, including: HVAC heating and cooling systems for Universities, Hospitals, and Hotels, Combined Heat and Power, Geothermal, Solar,  Petroleum and Chemical, Brewery, Printing, Pulp Mill, Palm Oil Production, District Energy, Incinerators, Landfill Gas, Biogas, Coal Bed Methane. 

Routine leak detection should be part of the maintenance schedule.  Absorption chillers are dependent on the internal vacuum being maintained.  A loss of vacuum from an air leak will degrade the performance of your absorption chiller and can eventually cause system failure.     Leak detection is necessary to find and stop air leaks that lead to corrosion.  A proactive service procedure can avoid more expensive procedures caused by oxygen leaking into the chiller.  

Absorption Chillers use heat and Lithium Bromide to produce chilled water.  Water is the refrigerant and the Lithium Bromide is the absorbent.  Unfortunately, Lithium Bromide or LiBr is highly corrosive to steel.  And as oxygen from air leakage dissolves in water it provides the cathodic reaction essential for ferrous metals to corrode, forming rust and eventually black iron oxide. Corrosion debris will create maintenance difficulties.  Pumps and flash boiling components become fouled with debris and reduce heat transfer.  Fine particulates of rust and black iron oxide can plug spray header nozzles, and heat exchangers, reducing efficiency.

A basic air leak, once detected and stopped, prevents more oxygen from getting into the system and stops the corrosion process itself.   Consider having HVS Leak Detection perform scheduled maintenance for you.  We can help you maximize your cooling capacity and reduce running costs.   We provide leak detection services nationally.   We also have many regional customers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and North Carolina.

Leak Testing Absorption Chillers

Successful use of a Absorption Chiller depends on the purity and reliability of its vacuum.   Over time, leaks can develop that will degrade product quality and damage the chiller itself.   Helium Leak Testing Absorption Chiller is required maintenance in order to ensure good vacuum levels and a leak-free environment.   
HVS Leak Detection technicians can detect even the smallest leaks in absorption chillers.  Absorption maintenance and the quick detection of any air leakage is necessary to keep your Chiller running at peak efficiency.
Helium Leak Detection using a helium mass spectrometer will determine if there is any air leakage in your Absorption Chiller. 

Absorption Chiller Services

  • Leak Detection Services
  • Vacuum Pump Rebuilding

Leak Testing Absorption Chillers:

  • Leak Check Upper Shell
  • Leak Check Lower Shell
  • Leak Check Heat Exchangers
  • Leak Check Condenser Heat Exchange Tubes and Tube Ends
  • Leak Check Absorber Heat Exchange Tubes and Tube Ends
  • Leak Check Evaporator
  • Leak Check Purge Assembly
  • Leak Check Vacuum Pump
  • Leak Check Pump Seals
  • Leak Check Welds and Brazed Joints
  • Leak Check Flexible Connectors in Piping
  • Leak Check Threaded Joints 
  • Leak Check Seals on Feedthroughs, Sight Ports
  • Leak Check O-ring Seals
HVS Leak Detection technicians are experienced in Leak Testing Absorption Chillers by Carrier, York, Johnson Controls, and Trane.    National Coverage for all services.  And many regional customers in NY, NJ, PA, MD, CT and NC.

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